Alpha is a place to connect with other people who are open to exploring life, faith, and meaning. Each session includes a time to connect with others (often over a free meal), hear a short talk on an element of the Christian faith, and then a chance for each person to share their own questions with the group. We’d love to hear your perspective – all are welcome to join at any time! Check out the video and details below!


Alpha is a series of group conversations that explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly environment.
It’s a place to connect with people, where you can say anything you like or nothing at all.
Everyone’s welcome. You’re invited, no matter your background or beliefs.

This 11-week series will begin February 21 and be held Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 in Delaney Hall at St. Patrick Church.
This ecumenical event is being sponsored by several local churches and includes 30 mins meal & social time, a 30 min video, and 30 min small group discussions. 

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Questions?  Call the parish office at 402-721-6611