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Jace Rex Bahe, son of Ryan and Kelsie (Rogers) Bahe, baptized october 3, 2021

Leandro Cornejo Maldonado, son of Oscar Cornejo and Erika Maldonado, baptized October 2, 2021

Aleigha Joyce LeCrone, daughter of Chandler Maly and Alyssa LeCrone, baptized September 19, 2021

Kash Jameson Hansen, son of Neil and Alexa (Coulter) Hansen, baptized September 19, 2021

Jay Roland Langemeier, son of Chad and Madysen Langemeier, baptized September 12, 2021

Lucas Robert Niehus, son of Tyler and Hailey (Kirby) Niehus, baptized August 29, 2021

Jordy de John Perez Garcia, son of Emorfilio Anael Perez Trinida and Lily Esparanza, baptized August 29, 2021

Lionel Alexander Venegas, son of Jose Venegas and Gabriella Nava-Trujillo, baptized August 28, 2021

Arianna Nola Jolly, daughter of Matthew Jolly and Lori (Steffensmeier) Jolly, baptized August 21, 2021

Pierce Richard Foxhoven, son of Brent and Lindsay (Dannelly) Foxhoven, baptized August 15, 2021




Callen Michael McKnight, son of Curtis and Holly (Bourek) McKnight, baptized August 7, 2021







Nicholas Hunke, son of Melissa & Steve Hunke, baptized August, 1, 2021

Elena Ulmer, daughter of Katherine and Wade Ulmer, baptized August 1, 2021

Cristhynee Rashell Herrera Estrada, daughter of Byron Herrera Nava and Heidy Estrada, baptized July 31, 2021

Cooper Jay Lindstrom, son of Dustin and Karen (Clinch) Lindstrom, baptized July 25, 2021

Addison Ann needels, daughter of Jonathon and Rachel (Stara) Needels, baptized July 25, 2021



Damian Vizcaino Morales, son of Esteban Vizcaino and Krystal Morales, baptized July 18, 2021





Elodie Jayne Kucera, daughter of Casey and Becca (Neneman) Kucera, baptized July 11, 2021

Paisley Ella Kucera, daughter of Joshua and Melissa (Weatherford) Kucera, baptized July 11, 2021

Madelyn Elizabeth Kroeger & James Daniel Kroeger, children of Matthew Kroeger and Ashley Sawtelle, baptized July 11, 2021

Frank Joseph Yosten, Jr., son of Frank and Nora (Kreikemeier) Yosten, baptized July 4, 2021

Nicklin Juan Brown, daughter of Darren and Kylie (Hoefer) Brown, baptized July 3, 2021

Jahuriel Yahir Torres Garcia, son of Jose Manuel Torres and Sayra Garcia, baptized June 26, 2021

Maisy Barton, daughter of Zach Barton & Heather Menn, baptized June 20, 2021

Indie Dillon, daugther of Chase & Samantha Dillon, baptized June 20, 2021

Omar Martin Tomas Perez, son of Wilson Martin Tomas Elias & Angelica Perez Perez, baptized June 19, 2021

Gabriel David Pry Perez, son of Jeffery Pry and Velda Pry, baptized June 13, 2021

Maria Monette Muhlbach, daughter of Cody Muhlbach and Jennifer Nunez, baptized June 5, 2021

Jose Ramon Nunez III, son of Jose Ramon Nunez Jr., baptized June 5, 2021

Vincent Charbel Forman, son of Jeffrey and Amanda (Wiggs) Forman, baptized May 23, 2021

Clarabelle Tali Guldenpfennig, daughter of Gavin and Amalie (Appleton) Guldenpfennig, baptized May 15, 2021

Brody Russell Vanek, son of Evan Vanek and Victoria Ahl, baptized May 9, 2021

Nelle Vivian Neurberger, daughter of Nathan and Rudi (Wiese) Neuberger, baptized May 2, 2021

Leni Ann Wachter, daughter of John Paul and Rachel (Theis) Wachter, baptized April 24, 2021

Adilene Martinez Sotelo, daughter of Nelson and Martinez Sanchez and Vianey Sotelo Rivera, baptized April 17, 2021

Aritna Soto, daughter of Miguel Soto and Juana Reyes, baptized April 10, 2021

Calvin James Griffen, son of Nathan Griffen and Gianna McCarthy, baptized March 21, 2021

Yazmin Alejandra Per Tomas, daughter of Miguel Angel Per Sotz and Maria Alicia Tomas, baptized March 21, 2021

Bonnie Mae Stahl, daughter of Daniel and Haylee (Acker) Stahl, baptized March 21, 2021

Carsyn Rose McCurdy, daughter of Colton McCurdy and Catelynn Acker, baptized March 21, 2021

Cecilia Ann Jacobi, daughter of Ryan & Kristin (Dudzinski), baptized March 21, 2021

Cain Michael Rasmusen, son of Patrick and Angela (Muhle) Rasmussen, baptized February 18, 2021

Karen Marilyn Rivera Cabrera, daughter of Yoni Espenzer Rivera Cabrera and Maribel Cabreara Lopez, baptized January 24, 2021

Amelia Rose Zrust, daughter of Brian and Gabriella (Avalos) Zrust, baptized January 24, 2021

Collin Joseph Werner, son of Jake and Marissa (Franzluebbers) Werner, baptized January 10, 2021

Stephanie Fabiola Perez Ortiz, daughter of Manuel Perez and Martina Ortize Gutierrez, baptized December 13, 2020

Ryann Gloria Klinzing, daughter of Blake Uhing and Breanna Klinzing, baptized December 6, 2020

Bella Aurora Garcia Cruz, daughter of Yoni Gonzalo Garcia and Teresita Cruz Estrada, baptized November 8, 2020

Luke Ignatius Murray, son of Brendan and Elizabeth (Kalisch) Murray, baptized November 6, 2020

Scarlett Bautista Ledezma, daughter of Otoniel Bautista and Erika Ledezma, baptized October 17, 2020

Mia Alexa Quintanilla, daughter of Mayra Quintanilla, baptized October 11, 2020

Rian Reese Evans,
daughter of Jerod and Kristyn (Kieny) Evans, baptized october 11, 2020







Giana June Faulkner, daughter of John and Riley (Jelinek) Faulkner, baptized October 10, 2020






Brody Robert Wood, son of Lucas and Samantha (Denklau) Wood, baptized October 10, 2020

Jeter Michael Stosich,
son of TJ and Erin (Dostal) Stosich, baptized October 4, 2020

Oliver Blake Walling, son of Blake and Sierra (Snodgrass) Walling, baptized October 4, 2020

Mario Eduardo Emar Martinez, son of Evelyn Martinez, baptized October 3, 2020

Bentley Hayes Frederiksen, son of Derick and Bridget (Zeman) Frederiksen, baptized October 3, 2020

Anthony Jadiel Sotz Pacheco,
son of Moises Sotz and Eluvia Pacheco, baptized September 26, 2020

Kevin Armando Mejia Mejia, son of Armando and Juana Meija Meija, baptized September 20, 2020

Domingo Emmanuel Ramos Larios, son of Mateo and Guadalupe Ramos Larios, baptized September 6, 2020

Zyra Fernanda Estrada, daughter of Jair and Melissa (Marsh) Estrada, baptized September 6, 2020





Evelyn Lee Judith Herink, daughter of Jacob and Samantha (Griffen) Herink, baptized September 5, 2020





Faviola Juana Miranda Lopez, daughter of Diego Miranda Lorenzo and Martina Lopez Reynoso, baptized August 30, 2020

Henry Tomas Miranda Lopez, son of Diego Miranda Lorenzo and Martina Lopez Reynoso, baptized August 19, 2020

Rori Elizabeth Lazure, daughter of Thomas and Alivia (Galley) Lazure, baptized August 9, 2020

Remi Joan Langemeier, daughter of Benjamin Langemeier and Lauren Hamilton, baptized August 9, 2020

Moxton Ricky Joseph Mruz, son of Seth and Morgan (Smeal) Mruz, baptized August 2, 2020

Troy Angus Gaston, son of Troy and Marisson Gaston, baptized July 26, 2020 (at St. Rose of Lima)





Noah Leonard Skinner, son of Jake and Gabby Skinner, baptized July 19, 2020





Ian Stanley Wilson, son of Spencer and Claire Wilson, baptized July 11, 2020

Anthony Jeremias Mendez Juarez, son of Dolman Jeovany Mendez Diaz and Yulisa Sandy-Bey, baptized June 13, 2020

Sophia Mackenzie Arita Arias, daughter of William Adulid Arita Cruz and Selena Beatriz Arias Herrera, baptized June 13, 2020

Gracelyn Jo Vampola, daughter of Joe and Katlin (Snyder) Vampola, baptized June 3, 2020

Brantley Medina, son of George Medina and Tatum Dobson, baptized May 30, 2020

Grayson Scott Werth, son of Tanner and Tember (Ellis) Worth, baptized May 30, 2020

Waylon Howard Schreck, son of John and Jessica (Gipson) Schreck, baptized May 24, 2020

Brexley Jo Devore, daughter of Jared and Lauren (Lowe) Devore, baptized May 17, 2020

Kinslie Mildred Maly, daughter of Chandler and Monica (Doolittle) Maly, baptized May 16, 2020

Maverick James Sullivan, son of Todd and Annabeth (Kirker) Sullivan, baptized May 10, 2020

Joffrey Ajanel Ticum Berwin, son of Pedro Ajanel and Micaela Ticum, baptized March 21, 2020

Levi Terry Klingbeil, son of Jacob and Marie (Wiggs) Klingbeil, baptized March 14, 2020

Collins Nichole Burbach, daughter of Robb and Brittany Burbach, baptized February 29, 2020

Martin Trinidad Nuño Quintanilla, son of Martin and Heidi Nuño Quintanilla, baptized February 23, 2020

Christian John Miles, son of Cory and Katie Miles, baptized February 23, 2020





     Riggins Guy (Knobbe) Deyle, son of James and Heidi (Knobbe) Deyle, baptized February 22, 2020






Kai Bud Dillon, son of Chase & Samantha (Brown) Dillon, baptized January 25, 2020

Myles Joseph Steffensmeier, son of Chris & Michaela (Minton), baptized January 19, 2020

Rowan Michael Liekhus and Kellen Andrew Liekhus, sons of Jordan & Jennifer (O'Brien) Liekhus, baptized December 29, 2019