Bible Studies & Faith Sharing Groups

Bible Studies & Faith Sharing Groups

Join one of the following groups, do a self-study, or start your own group! Studies are offered through the fall and spring. Here are some resources, and new bible studies are announced through our publications throughout the year. For general info or updates on bible study groups/opportunities, reach out to Kate Casale, 402-721-6611 x18

*Interested in learning more about praying for healing and praying for others? Check out Refiner's Fire here!



The Bible Timeline with Women of the Word

Fall 2021 meeting Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm in the Marian Room (Bride's room) at the church
Organized by Crystal Sixta 402-525-4615 or [email protected]

Women of the Word was organized in 2018 to bring women together who wanted to learn more about God's word and find fellowship with other women of the parish. They meet September through April and focus on a different study each year, and this summer they started a sort of Christian book club where they meet weekly over coffee to discuss their book of choice (this time "Healing", by Mary Healy). The first year they dove into The Bible Timeline from Ascension Press (Jeff Cavins) and it was so amazing to hear about all the lightbulbs that went on as the members began to fully understand the salvation story. In fact, it was such a wonderful experience that for 2021 they will be revisiting that same study! This is a wonderful study for anyone that feels unfamiliar with the Bible or who wants to better know how to read it...and it's also great to do more than once as many of the members will be doing! If you would like to join the group, please contact Crystal (info above)!