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Kathleen Beckman Women’s Conference ~ St. Patrick
Saturday 9 am – 3 pm, October 16th

Join us as Kathleen Beckman, wife, mother, grandmother, Catholic evangelist, compelling speaker and author of “A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare” shares the fruit of her training and service at Pope Leo XIII Institute and in the Orange Diocese as administrator of exorcism and deliverance ministry.  The enemy’s constant attacks to destroy harmonious family life is proof of how vital families are in God’s plan of salvation.  How can we clean our household by cultivating a civilization of love?  Listen to potent advice on recognizing the enemy’s disguises and become a well-trained spiritual warrior to secure your home from these spiritual assaults.  

*Registration has closed for the meal and childcare will not be provided, but you can still attend. There will be a long lunch break if you would like to grab something nearby or bring your own.