Flocknote Submission

Have something to share on FlockNote? You can enter your submission here. First, please be sure to read through the parameters to see if FlockNote is the appropriate avenue to communicate your message. Some items are more suited to the bulletin, website, or Facebook page. Thank you, Crystal.

Questions? Call or email Crystal at the parish office: 402-721-6611 or [email protected]

FlockNote Parameters & Expectations

Below are our Parish Flocknote Communications Standards. Please use these as a guide for your submissions to so we can process your request as soon as possible. We know not everything fits perfectly in these standards. We can be flexible on some things, especially with enough notice, but please understand that these guidelines are to ensure the continued high readership rate of our Flocknote communication. This is meant to be a quick communication of key action items for events and other things taking place in our parish. The success of Flocknote is due to its brief content, easy-to-find key information, and attractive graphics.

*Please process info requests at least three weeks prior to desired share
*All posts are made in Spanish and English. (We handle translation.) If there
are attachments these need to be in Spanish as well.
*Posts are 150 words or less. (Less is always better, we strive to keep most
to 120 words or less.) If you have a lot of important information to share, we
just ask for a small paragraph written, then we either include a link to more
detailed information elsewhere or include a PDF attachment.
*Posts must be actionable in terms of growing in stewardship, community, or
faith for the parish at large, not necessarily a place to communicate
announcements that might otherwise be better suited for the bulletin,
Facebook page or website.
*Weekly Flocknote emails will contain (ideally) a MAX of 5 items.
*Posts are shared in a warm conversational style. (We can take the info you
send us and reword it to fit this style.)
*Graphics should be very minimal and a branded design.
*Graphics should be in a horizontal landscape format of 3.5 inches X 6 inches
(We can make graphics, but need at least three weeks heads up if we need
to make a graphic.)
*To prevent Flocknote from becoming “stale”, we strive to not repeat the same
content consecutive weeks.


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