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WSD 'Beginning Experience 'Adult' or 'Young Adult' Weekends

WSD 'Beginning Experience 'Adult' or 'Young Adult'  Weekends

The 'Beginning Experience' Weekend is for people who have worked through the initial stages of grief (anger, despair and rejection) and for those who have found themselves stuck at a point in their single life. Recommended time from the loss before a weekend is one year for the widowed and six months for the divorced or legally separated. Otherwise see Coping Sessions.

It is a weekend experience to help people who are widowed, separated or divorced find healing, to bring closure to the past relationship in a caring, supportive setting and to begin again. A time to heal and a time to turn the pain of loss into an adventure of grace.


A weekend experience for young adults ages 16 to 30 whose parents are separated, divorced, or deceased. This weekend, is led by adults and other young adults who experienced the same situation, helps participants find healing, support and hope for a new tomorrow.

If no specific weekend is listed here, please look at weekends on 'Event Calendar'.

For more information, call Pat Seier at the Family Life Office at (402)557-5514,
E-mail paseier@archomaha.org
Check our website at http://beginningexperienceofomaha.org/beweekend.html,
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