How To Serve


Permanent Diaconate

After four years of instruction, deacon candidates receive the sacrament of Holy Orders, then assist in various ministries of the parish according to their gifts and talents. They help in the catechetic life of the parish by preparing families to receive some but not all of the sacraments. This would include the teaching of baptismal classes, marriage preparation classes, and leading the RCIA and RCIC programs. They assist the priest on the altar during mass and can give the homily. They lead and direct communion services, perform the sacrament of baptism, witness marriages, and perform burials.

Omaha Archdiocese Local Contact -Tom Silva, 721-6979 or e-mail:

Omaha Archdiocese Urban Director: Rev. Ralph B. O’Donnell Coordinates development programs for deacons, ministry candidates and their wives.
phone: (402) 733-9327 - St. Rose Parish
(402) 733-8811 - St. Bridget Parish

Omaha Archdiocese Rural Director: Rev. Keith D. Rezac
phone: (402) 358-3596

For more info CLICK, & check out our Deacon Archdiocese website: Archdiocese of Omaha: Permanent Diaconate