-Christians Encounter Christ (CEC) or (Cursillo)

-Christians Encounter Christ (CEC) or (Cursillo)

Christians Encounter Christ (CEC) or (Cursillo)
Weekend experience around one's personal relationship with Christ in the context of the Catholic belief and practice.

Monthly Ultreya gathering continue the experience with meetings on the second Thursday of each month.

CEC Weekends Christians Encounter Christ Mens Weekend

I want to encourage you men in the parish to come with me on a CEC Men's retreat weekend. It is a fun time, a relaxing time and a time to get your batteries charged up. For you men who are presently raising children--did you ever feel you could use some help? Well, here it its--a CEC weekend. CEC stands for Christians Encounter Christ. It is made up of talks, discussion, reflection time, sharing, Mass and reconciliation. The talks are given mostly by men like you. It starts around supper time on Friday and gets over Sunday a little after supper. I sure would like to get a group of men from the Fremont area to join me on a weekend. Your spouse would attend the Women's CEC a month after yours. It is a program very open to Protestant participation. So, if your spouse is Protestant, it still is a great experience and we don't force anyone to do anything you are not comfortable doing. I made my CEC weekend aabout 15 years ago and I recommend it to anyone. This weekend marks the 4th or 5th weekend I have been on as Spiritual Director, and I have helped on numerous other weekends.


Please consider attending the Christians Encounter Christ weekends, held in Omaha.

For more information, call Dave Probst at 721-5663.