-Liturgical Ministries:

Join us in the Liturgical Ministry that matches your interest and spiritual gift.
To contact Liturgical Ministry Schedulers leave a message at the Parish Office 721-6611.

In this ministry you can serve at Mass as a(n):

--Greeter: Welcome and respond to needs of the people as they gather for weekend liturgies.
Open to individuals and to families.

--Liturgical Coordinators for Mass: Gives help in preparing for Mass by setting out vessels and equipment needed. Checks on needed amount of Readers, EMHCs, & Servers. Makes sure baskets and books are set out in Sanctuary, servers are helped if needed, etc. Usually scheduled for one to three masses per weekend. Not necessarily scheduled each week. Needed 5:00pm – 6:30pm for Saturday Mass, 7:00am possibly to 12:00pm for Sunday morning. Sometimes Sunday mornings are scheduled between 2 coordinators.

--EMHC(Eucharist Minister of Holy Communion): Serve as sharers of the Body and Blood of Jesus at Mass. Archdiocesan orientation and mandation, as well as parish training and updating, is required. Training usually starts in summer.
EMHC’s also have options of taking Eucharist to Hospital, Nursing Homes and to homebound.

--NOTE: For both Readers and EMHC’c the Archdiocesan mandaton is for three years; renewal is desired.

--Reader(Lector): They are the proclaimers of the Liturgy of the Word of God. They read the Scripture passages (Readings) from the ambo before the Gospel at Mass. Sometimes are asked to read at other times of the year; possibly Stations, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, etc. Archdiocesan orientation and mandation, as well as parish training and updating required.

--Usher: Help in providing hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere. Greet and seat people; gather people’s monetary gifts at collection and for monthly extra collection for maintenance needs; making sure the worship area is back in order after Mass.

--Adult Funeral Ministries: Adult Greeters and Adult Altar Servers are needed to assist at funeral liturgies.
A special opportunity for retired persons. Serra Awards Servers for 2009-10

--Altar Server(Youth): Training and assigning begins in the fourth grade through the school years for both boys and girls, having received first confession and Holy Communion. The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy (hymns, responses, etc.), by looking alert and sitting or standing at the appropriate times.

Servers carry the cross, the processional candle(s), hold the book for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar, carry the incense and censer(when used), assist the priest when he receives the gifts from the people, wash the hands of the priest, assist the priest celebrant and deacon as necessary. Altar servers are on duty from the time they enter the sanctuary at the start of Mass until they finish cleanup after the end of Mass.