Gratitude 365 Calendar Fundraiser

Calendar sales have ended for 2022/23 but if you'd like to know more about the Gratitude 365 parish fundraiser, check out the video below!
*Be sure to watch in the fall of 2023 for the next round of calendar sales!

15 Key Points:

  1. The calendar is now referred to as  “Gratitude 365 - A Year of God’s Goodness” - no reference to “lottery” anymore. The calendar’s main focus is our Catholic faith, gratitude for God’s goodness and also, parishioners making connections. 
  2. A $365 “special drawing” will occur in Dec .2023 for all who have written their daily gratitudes in the calendar. Simply show your calendar “homework” to the parish office starting 12/01/2023. Does the calendar holder live out of town? Simply contact the parish office for ways to enter the drawing.
  3. Each month has a "Catholic  Focus" and a "Way to Celebrate” the focus, like a Focus on the Holy Family and a simple way to live like the Holy Family.
  4. New this year are 52 “Parishioner Connection” Drawings (PC) - Every Friday we will draw a name from those who purchased calendars. Each weekly PC winner will receive one gift from one of our 52 "PC gifters.” Examples: a loaf of homemade bread, some cookies, a flower bouquet, a KC Fish Fry dinner, or even an act of service, to name a few. More important than the gift though, is one parishioner making a new connection with another. ** All parishioner connection drawings are separate from the cash drawings, meaning if you win on a Friday for a PC drawing, your name is thrown back in for subsequent cash drawings. If a PC winner doesn’t live nearby, they will receive a mailed “connection”!
  5. There are 13 “Fun Days to Celebrate” drawings - ($35 each), like National Compliment Day and Mother’s Day
  6. There are 24 “Holy Days to Revere” drawings ($100—$250 each), like Christmas and the Feast of the Assumption
  7. The largest drawing is on St. Patrick’s Day, Feast Day of our patron saint - $750
  8. We simply say “drawings range from $35 -$750”. 
  9. Approximately $5,000 is given back to purchasers; only one cash winning per person.
  10. There are 90 drawings in total.
  11. Each calendar is $30 (and you get a physical calendar this year!) Thank you also to our calendar sponsors!!!
  12. Calendars have a tear off portion at the bottom for entry into the drawings.  This ticket has your contact info which we then share with the PC gifters if your name is drawn. 
  13. All the drawing dates and every detail you can imagine are within the calendar.
  14. They make great Christmas gifts!
  15. “God is good all the time. All the time God is good.” Let’s show Him we believe that.