Please contact Oscar Duran at (402)721-6611 unless another person is designated.

Liturgy Committee: A planning, formation, and advisory group for parish liturgical celebrations.

Readers: Proclaimers of the Word of God and the Scripture passages at Masses. Archdiocesan orientation and mandation, as well as parish training and updating required.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs): Serve as sharers of the Body and Blood of Jesus at Mass. Archdiocesan orientation and mandation, as well as parish training and updating required. EMHCs also have options of taking Eucharist to Hospital, Nursing Homes, and to homebound.

NOTE: For both Readers and EMHCs, the Archdiocesan mandation is for three years; renewal is desired.

Adult Funeral Servers: Assist at funeral liturgies. A special opportunity for retired persons. Contact: David Heywood

Opportunities Related to Weekend Liturgies

Coordinator: Assist in preparing for Masses by setting out vessels and any other required equipment and also make sure all items are cleaned and stored properly after Mass.

Greeters: Welcome and respond to needs of people as they gather for weekend liturgies. Open to individuals and to families.

Ushers: Help in providing hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere, greet and seat people; gather people’s monetary gifts at collection and for monthly extra collection for maintenance needs; making sure the worship area is back in order after Mass.

Mass Servers: Training and assigning begins in the fourth grade through the school years for both girls and boys.

Liturgical Environment Needs

Artists: Help to create designs, logos, artwork as needed.

Handy Persons: Hang banners, build platforms, repair furnishings.

Sewers: Help design, sew, and maintain vestments, banners, altar coverings and linens.

Floral: Design, order, maintain flowers and plants in the worship space.

Church Decorating: Help to create appropriate environment for liturgical seasons, major celebrations in the parish.