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Encounter Conference 2022

Is God putting gifts of the Holy Spirit on your heart? Head by charter bus to Grand Rapids, MI this December with Father Nolte, Father Cremers and about 45 other people for the Encounter Conference! The bus is already over halfway filled and the sign-up has only been open for a week! That's a testament to what a great experience it is! Cost is $150 for the conference, approximately $150/night for hotel (3 nights), and $200 for travel expenses. You can learn more about the conference here and if you're interested in going, please be sure to reserve your spot on the bus at this link. If you have other questions, Father Nolte and Father Bill can answer them!
Encounter Conference Dec. 28-30, 2022
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sign-up at https://stpatsfremont.flocknote.com/signup/92780