Market of Hope



Market of Hope is an avenue whereby one can shop or sell with a purpose, that being all profits/sales go toward reducing the parish & school deficit. Market of Happenings are small-scale creative events that foremost promote community while also raising funds for church/school advancement. We will also help promote large-scale parish & school events to raise hope & happiness. 

How does it work?

Just go to the Facebook group here, post your sale items as you would on any Facebook garage sale page or Marketplace, and when they sell, make arrangements with the buyer for pick-up and leave the payment at the parish office as a donation. 


What can you accomplish when women organize a group focused on shopping for a cause? A lot!!! Thanks to the immense amount of hours and creativity given by founder Mary Glowacki and her amazing sidekick, Theresa McKinley, and thousands and thousands of donations, the Market of Hope consignment sale page has raised $53,200 as of the end of April, 2022!!! Market of Hope allows parishioners and community members to support St. Pat's through donations of unused items, as on a garage sale page. Funds have also been raised through donations of prepared food and baked goods, members' garden flowers and produce, and providing services (lawn mowing, for example). The time, talent and treasure contributed by all has blessed our parish immensely. Thank you all for your support!