Pen Pal Program

Greetings! We pray this finds your family healthy and enjoying extra family time.

At Christmas time, you might remember our parishioners signed cards that were given to the homebound and shut-ins. Since our elderly cannot be visited in a normal way, we want to make sure they know we are thinking and praying for them.

We would like to begin a “Pen Pal” program with our youth and elderly. This is how we hope it works…

1) The youth will write a letter to the assigned elderly. To make it more personable, maybe have your youth hand write the letter. In the letter, you might want to include the following….

  • His/her age, information about your family, pets
  • Tell the pen pal some of their favorites like their favorite color, sport, song, music, food, etc.
  • Asks questions such as what are their favorites, what did they like to do when they were the same age, what was school like, what did they do in the summer, etc.
  • Some other questions might include what school was like when they were growing up, what are some hard times they had, did they have Wednesday night classes to learn about Jesus, what are their favorite Bible verses, etc.

2) After writing the letter, you would either mail it to the person or you can put it in the slot on the door of the Parish Office and we will mail it for you.

3) Our hope is that the pen pal will write a letter back to your child and the conversing will continue long after the quarantine is over. If your family is willing to do this, please email Lori Kisby at [email protected] and she will send you the information. Thank you for your help with making our elderly feel the love of Jesus

In Christ,

Father Nicholas Mishek, Associate Pastor at St. Patrick, and Lori Kisby, Director Youth Formation