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Jesus doesn't take breaks over the summer so when it comes to our faith, neither should we! Give your kids a fun faith experience with Totus Tuus! This fun and energetic parish based summer catechetical program, designed for 4 year olds up to high school students, takes place June 5-10. College students and seminarians work in teams to spread the Good News of Jesus Chris throughout parishes in the diocese. Their youthfulness, energy, and ability to witness to the Faith make our teachers particularly effective with children and young people. Registration is open now!
Totus Tuus Summer Youth Program
June 5-10 at Bergan Elementary School
Registrations available at the parish office or online here
Questions? Call Lori at 402-721-6611 x15


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Youth Formation General Info:

Faith Formation is for youth 1st Grade through Confirmation.  We meet every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00, September through May at Archbishop Elementary School.  2nd Year Confirmation meets at Delaney Hall at the church.   Our goal is to have two to three Catechist in every classroom.  The catechist usually take turns teaching while the other Catechist monitor the classroom. 

Currently, we use The Faith and Life series.  This series presents Catholic teaching using the time-tested ecclesial methodology and spiral development of catechesis, in a beautiful, student-friendly, comprehensive format. 

During Faith Formation, we also try to teach the youth about “Service Opportunities.”  One of the ways is through Penny and a Prayer.  This program helps seminarians with expenses.  A couple of other opportunities is through “Operation Christmas Child” and collecting items for St. Patrick’s food pantry.

We also want to teach the youth about the importance of their prayer life.  In order to help their prayer lives grow, we celebrate the Prayer Honor Roll.  Each year, the youth have prayers that need to be memorized.  For example, in 1st Grade, they learn 5 prayers.  In 2nd Grade they keep working on the 5 prayers from 1st Grade and add on 3 more prayers.  Each year after 2nd Grade, two more prayers are added on until they have memorized 20 prayers upon Confirmation.

Confirmation instruction begins in 7th Grade and is considered “1st Year Confirmation”.  2nd Year Confirmation is for youth 8th Grade and older.  Both levels require the youth to perform service hours as well as other preparation activities.

Faith Formation needs volunteers as Catechists as well as volunteers to listen to Prayers for Prayer Honor Roll.  Catechist meet every Wednesday with their class.  If you would like to listen to prayers for Prayer Honor Roll, you would come 1-4 times a month.  Whatever is convenient for you.  Each role requires for you to be Safe Environment trained. 

If you would be willing to help with RCIC, Sacraments Classes or Faith Formation Classes, or have any questions, please contact Lori Kisby at [email protected] or 402-721-6611 ext. 15.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC)

RCIC is for youth who are in 3rd Grade or older, who have not been baptized. Youth meet weekly during Faith Formation, September through May. Children will receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation at Easter Vigil

Sacrament Classes

Sacrament classes are for youth 3rd Grade on up. These youth HAVE been baptized but have not received First Reconciliation or First Communion. The youth meet during Faith Formation weekly, September through May. Youth will receive First Reconciliation and First Communion. The following year, they will attend Faith Formation classes at their grade level through Confirmation.

TOTUS TUUS (Similar to Vacation Bible School)

TOTUS TUUS (Totally Yours) a summer catechetical youth program, It is for youth 3 yrs old through 6th Grade. The program runs Monday-Friday 9:00a.m.-2:30pm. A team of trained, college aged youth and seminarians share their faith through catechetical instruction, daily Mass, songs, games, and recess. Lunch is provided.
For high school and middle school youth, the program runs Sunday-Thursday, 7:00pm-9:00pm. The goal is to put the youth in contact with the Lord so that they can develop a deeper relationship with Him. There will be a night of Adoration and the opportunity for Reconciliation, catechetical instruction on topics important to young people, and a night of fellowship with the team members.
Contact: Lori Kisby at [email protected] or 402-721-6611 ext 15

Life Teen

Life Teen is a high school youth ministry experience leading teens closer to Christ. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays (with the exception of the first Wednesday of the month) from 6:30-8:00 pm at the St. Matthew room in Flynn (The white building by the Parish Office). They provide assistance with Faith Formation, conduct fundraisers, attend Steubenville (Which is a Catholic conference to bring high schoolers into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.) and fun activities with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you have any questions, contact Meghan Masters at 402-719-1184